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Please download and print the Registration Form, fill in the information and bring this form to the club the first session.
Please print and read the Code of Conduct.
Code of Conduct
In order to participate in the activities of the chess club I read and agree with the following:
  1. Normal school rules, rights and responsibilities apply at Chess Club: no shouting, running, fighting, video games, or activities other than chess.
  2. I will read and respect Erma Stephenson Elementary Rights and Responsibilities.
  3. Players need to concentrate when playing chess. I will help keep noise and distraction to a minimum at all times by not chatting, or grouping around other games being played.
  4. Players should always act like ladies and gentlemen at chess club: I will not raise my voice or argue with my opponent, or accuse them of cheating. If I think an illegal move was made, I will raise my hand and one of the teachers will help settle things.
  5. Chess equipment should be treated with respect: I will set up my own pieces before play, and make sure that sets are complete when I put away my pieces at the end.
  6. Students may not leave our meeting room without permission: if I need to use the restroom, I will ask the coach first.
  7. I will not bring food or drinks in the library or our playing area. I understand that I am welcome and encouraged bring a snack to eat in the hallway OUTSIDE the library before chess club begins.
  8. I will receive a verbal warning if I break these rules, and I will work to improve my behavior. I understand that a student may be dismissed from chess club if there is a continuing problem.
Erma Stephenson Elementary School - Rights and Responsibilities

At Erma Stephenson Elementary School you have the following rights and responsibilities:

You have the RIGHT to:
  • be respected as a person
  • be happy and treated with care and understanding
  • be safe and secure from harm
  • be heard and considered as an equal by others
  • be able to learn.
You have the RESPONSIBILITY to:
  • respect the individual rights of others
  • recognize the rights of others to learn and to be heard
  • provide a safe and secure environment for others
  • be an honest, caring and concerned citizen at school, at home and in the community
You have the following EXPECTATIONS:
  1. A respect for people
  2. A respect for education
  3. A respect for safety
  4. A respect for property

These expectations apply before and after school, during school hours and at all function and activities on the school grounds.