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Chess Tempo

To strengthen your tactical skills, please go to ChessTempo and try to complete 15 to 20 tactics problems daily. You will need to register an username/password to gain access to this site (it's free!). Make sure that your username starts with "FH_"; for example, a good username would be FH_solver. Then click on the "Tactics" tab to start practicing.

Our Friends

White Knights Chess Academy - White Rock library

Henry Sikorski
15342 Buena Vista Ave White Rock, BC
Phone: (604) 541-2201

Golden Knights Chess Club - Burnaby

Valer Eugen Demian
9523 Cameron Street Burnaby, BC
Phone: 604-936-1757 Email:
Chess Servers
Server Name Starting Year Number of Players
(as of June, 2007)
Free Internet Chess Server (FICS) 1980's 274,500 (67,380 active) free Windows, Mac and Linux (java interface) Sept 2001 205,000 $49.95 USD Windows
Internet Chess Club March 1995 35,000 $49,95 USD /$24.95 for students Windows, Mac and Linux (java interface)
World Chess Live (formerly WCN/ChessLive) June 2007 5,000 $49.95 USD /$24.95 for students/$9.99 for family members Windows, Mac and Unix (java client)