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"Chess promotes logical thinking, instills a sense of self-confidence and self-worth, improves communication, and pattern recognition skills. It teaches the values of hard work, concentration, objectivity, and commitment”. Christine Palm

Fraser Heights Chess Club is a kids and youth non-profit organization run by chess coaches and volunteers. The chess club is renting and using Erma Stephenson's Elementary library for all activities, including chess instruction, practices and tournaments.

At the beginning of each term the children will be divided into groups based on their knowledge of the game, age and personal goals. As students progress and increase their skill level, appropriate changes will be made in the format and degree of instruction, to accommodate their chess abilities and interest.


The beginners group will consist of players with little or no experience with chess. They will be participating in the club activities for an hour. For younger players the parents are required to stay during the class and participate with the child.


The intermediate group will consist of students who play chess and understand fundamentals (castling, stalemate, opposition, etc.). This group will be participating in the instruction sessions and mini-tournament play.


The advanced group will consist of students that have rating of over 1000 and are experienced tournament players. This group will be led by our senior chess instructor Richard Reid.

Our coaching team: Anca Datcu-Romano, Stefan Mustatea, Andrew Datcu-Romano, Sahil Dattani, Irena Datcu-Romano, Maria Sonea.